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  • Pre-Populate Connect Client Groups

    Is it possible to centrally push a list of groups pre-populated with users to everyone's Connect Clients? We can do this using an open source solution (Openfire and Spark Messenger) now and would like to replace that with Connect Client now that we have a Shoretel phone system, but, can't seem to find if that's even possible. Thanks in advance.

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    Are you talking about contact list in Connect? It's probably a registry setting, might want to check into that or worst case open a ticket with support or contact your vendor


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      I would like to pre-populate, centrally, a group with all employees in it, rather than relying on people to "search" for a contact or whatnot. We do this today with Openfire and you could also do it (although less elegantly) with Cisco CUP/Jabber, but I don't believe its possible with Shoretel. It has just been easier for us when people can see a group containing everyone along with their presence, instead of relying on searching for them manually.


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        Registry is no longer used for client settings. Client settings are stored in sqlite databases in %localappdata%\ShoreTel\<EXT>\ I got this information from TAC and requested documentation. They said there is none and pointed me toward the sqlite browser

        Depending on your userbase, your best bet may be to log in as each user and configure it manually. Set the password to a company default and enable password reset on next login. You can't lock these settings and the user could easily undo your work. :-\

        If you figure out them local user configuration databases, I'd love to know more.