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  • Bluetooth Headset with Softphone!

    I was bored, so I hooked up a BlueTooth headset (from a cellphone) to my XP Pro laptop, and used my softphone to make some calls! Got about 30 feet of distance or so. I was using an IOGear Bluetooth 2.0 class 1 USB key, and a Motorola H700 headset.

    Anybody else ever integrate bluetooth decives with the softphone? What kind of distance did you get?

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    The one we at ShoreTel recommend the most and works well is the Voyager from Plantronics. You can get the Headset + Bluetooth dongle. Cool part is the Prosono software from Plantronics allows you to control answer / hangup from the button on the headset. Basically Plantronics has written software to work with our SoftPhone. Not to mention the Bluetooth dongle is tuned for VoIP traffic! This is for sure better then carrying around the CS-50 USB. perfect if your on the road!!!