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  • Trying to understand call detail report

    Been asked to run a call detail report to when and for how long a certain number calls extensions on our system.

    This sounds straight forward, but the reports show that the caller places most of the calls to the Auto-Attendant,
    and that these calls last anywhere from 20 seconds to 50 minutes. About 20 calls over the past month.

    The caller is a former employee who no longer has a voicemail box on the system.

    Why would the report show so many calls to the Auto-Attendant?

    Could the caller be accessing someone else’s mailbox?

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    May be trying to hack into others mailboxes or leaving message to other employee's mailboxes


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      Thanks, I think I am going to force folks to change their voicemail passwords.


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        Depending on version - you can up the minimum number of digits users may use as their Vmail password, I would suggest making the min
        5 or 6 now (min default is 4) so that these pw are harder to guess.