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  • Workgroup pickup by non-agent

    I have a request from a department head for the following functionality:

    He wants people who are either workgroup agents to see incoming calls but not ring their phones, or non-agents to see and pick up calls monitored on their phones.

    Are either of these possible ?

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    Anyone can pick up a ringing Workgroup call by dialling *13 + Workgroup No, to see the calls in the workgroup queue you will need to be assigned a minimum of Workgroup Agent Client access, not sure if you can add a workgroup as a monitored extension but worth a try and set it not to ring..


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      I made an inbound call to the workgroup from my cell, the monitored workgroup extension showed as ringing (red button) and I tried pressing those numbers, but it didn't do anything.

      Are there other buttons I need to press ?


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        The way I have this working is to create a custom client button for a group and add it to their ShoreTel system. Say you have extension 5533, you create a button to pick up 5533. On the connect client people will then see this flashing and they can pick it up by pressing the button. Works pretty well for us.
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          and that will pick up a call to a workgroup where the person picking up is not part of that workgroup ? I have set up a button for a user to monitor the workgroup, but it only blinks red, and the user cannot pick it up.