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  • Workgroups and hunt groups have stopped working

    Good afternoon.

    You may have to excuse my ignorance but I am fairly new to administering Shoretel (lots of previous expierence with Avaya and others) but I am having an issue with a Shoretel Small Business Edition (Build:21.82.9623.0)

    Specifically all of a sudden calls to both work groups and hunt groups are not working, they either just give progress tones or queue but never hit an endpoint (that is an extension assigned as a member)

    Checked the users in workgroups are logged in.

    Seems strange to lose both workgroups and hunt groups at the same time as the setup consists of a SW server (UC server?) and an ST100DA switch.

    Help please!

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    I think you may have a service down or a service started incorrectly after the nightly maintenance. Check your windows logs to see if you see anything. If everything looks good with services and connectivity I would reboot the system then the switch. After the reboot completes confirm the system is running as intended. Then go to windows task scheduler and edit the times for the database maintenance and make them farther apart. This may not be the reason but it sounds likely it might be.
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