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  • ShoreTel Director - Workgroup configured in a way I just don't comprehend.

    Hey folks!

    We have a DID number/Workgroup set up to route voicemails to people's personal cell phone numbers. I need to remove a few people, but can't for the life of me figure out how the voicemails are getting distributed, nor how people's individual cell phone numbers are linked to the DID number.

    ShoreTel Director build 18.23.2412.0 accessed via Internet Explorer 11.

    Workgroup configuration:
    • Nothing is configured under Escalation Profiles and Other Mailbox Options.
      No Escalation Profiles set.
    • No Schedule set.
    • On-Hours/Off-Hours/Holiday/Custom are all the same.
    • Call Handling Distribution Pattern is set to Top Down.
    • Call Forward is set to Always: Extension [voicemail System Parameter System Extension]
    • No Agents are present in the Workgroup Membership.
    General notes:
    • Nobody whose number connects to the Workgroup DID has any personal phone numbers under Individual Users.
    • Under Individual Users - Personal Options - Find Me, External Assignment and Additional Phones, Find Me Primary Destination is set to None and External Assignment is not used.
    • Nothing is configured under people's Shoretel Communicator apps.
    Any ideas? Any at all. I'm desperate and clueless!

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    Open the Trunk Test Tool call from your cell phone and follow the call to see where it is going. People get creative and use route points, AA's, Call Handling Modes to move calls around that system.
    Randy Wensmann
    (408) 385-3485


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      Sounds like you have and escalation profile somewhere. Is is possible the workgroup mailbox auto forwards to another mailbox that has the profile on it? I would definitely start with the trunk test tool, and if that does not shed some light watch a call in the TMSNCC log.