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  • Connecting ShoreTel Directory to a Polycom Trio 8800 Conference Phone

    For the past 6 years our company has used the ShoreTel IP 655 Conference phone and it simply is not meeting our requirements as our company grows and meeting get larger. Since ShoreTel does not offer a bigger conference phone I am currently demoing a Polycom Trio 8800 Conference Phone. Set up was easy as ShoreTel has a document giving step by step instruction for setting the phone up in a ShoreTel environment. One thing i have not been able to figure out is how to connect the Polycom phone contacts to query contact from the ShoreTel directory. Any one know how this could be done or if it is even possible with this model Polycom phone?

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    I have not verified if this works for the Trio so please let us know if it does not... but I know most Polycom phones can pull a speed dial list that you can create. This list is in an xml file that you edit and you must push to the phone thru a configserver. The raw name of the xml file is labeled 000000000000-directory.xml. If you download the version of firmware you have installed on the phone you can see if the file exist. If you can't load the file the only way I'm aware of is by hand one at a time.

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