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  • Events don't show in the connect client

    After creating an event it will briefly appear in the events tab of the client and then disappear never to return. When logged in to the conference bridge the event is still there. ShoreTel Connect
    Build 21.84.5535.0. It's like this on our system and a customer that we just installed. The conference appliance is applied to the user profile.

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    Exchange connector.PNG

    Under ADMINISTRATION>SYSTEM>Additional Parameter

    Mid page make sure you have the Service Appliance Exchange server field populated. Not sure what you need if you are not using exchange but this is needed to see events.


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      Thank you for the response. These fields are populated. Although on our client we have a notification stating there is no connection to the exchange server. However, we have a client on the same build as us with the same problem, except they don't even have an exchange server. Isn't the exchange server only necessary when using it in conjunction with Outlook? Shouldn't the events still show in the connect client without any outlook/exchange integration?
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        There is a known issue on this that we have a case open on. In our case the events show up for some users but not others. This is a problem in their ShoreTel profile somehow since we can use the same machine and client install and log in with a broken user and a working user in the same client with differing results.


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          Did you have the different ShoreTel profiles log in on connect client under the same windows profile by chance?