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  • Voice Mail notification not showing up

    I am having trouble with a ShoreTel 560. it has worked fine, and as far as we know, no configuration changes have happened. I have looked at the communicator software and checked the server settings and everything looks fine, but a couple of weeks ago his phone stopped showing the voice mail icon, and the red light stopped flashing when he has a voice mail. The communicator software would still show that there was a voice mail, and he can call in to access the voicemail. Last night we reset the ShoreTel server and now this morning I checked, and even his communicator software has stopped showing that there is a voice mail, and has stopped showing that he missed a call. the software now shows that his mailbox is unavailable. out of the other 100+ phones in the city, this is the only one with issues. I know there's a lot going on here, does anyone have any ideas on how to correct this?

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    try deleting and rebuilding that user and see if the issue persists. a setting in their profile probably got messed up in the database