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  • ShoreCare Licencing Questions

    Can Someone please explain to me how the ShoreCare licencing works.
    Here is the issue we are having. Our company is growing faster than we expected when we installed our ShoreTel system last year. So twice now we have had to get extra Essential and Standard licenses. But the past two times we have been getting charged for extra shorecare 3 year that almost doubles the cost. The really strange thing is it doesn't seem to matter how many licenses we buy the amount is still the same, when I asked our vendor about this, they stated that is it based on the time left on the contract and the type of items. Is there some documentation that show how these costs are calculated, I need to be able to give New Employee cost estimates and these ShoreCare licences make that almost impossible.

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    Support is roughly 10% of the cost, $100 license has $10 annual support. Then you get into pro-rating how much longer your contract is for before it expires, so if you have 6 months left it will be pro-rated at 50% or $5. Yours is a little different because you have a 3 year so its pro-rating a lot of support.
    Randy Wensmann
    (408) 385-3485