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  • ShoreTel Connect Retaining Old Log In Information

    We have discovered that when we recently deployed ShoreTel Connect that some users had trouble with their log in. If they goofed on their first attempt, it saves it in a registry key somewhere (or so we think) and won't let us change it. Mine actually retained my log in from the test version in the sandbox environment. So when I check use Windows Credentials and check remember and log me in automatically, it doesn't. It opens to the old log in and I have to click use Windows Credentials again. Thoughts, resolutions, location and name of registry key, hysterical laughter?

    Build 213.100.2558.0

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    ShoreTel credentials in Connect are stored in the standard Windows credentials storage. You can remove these in Control Panel -> User Accounts. I'm not sure exactly what AD-based credentials look like, but I presume they are in the same place.



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      Finally got time to check and on my PC the ShoreTel credentials aren't in there. Odd.