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  • Workgroup Overflow without "please wait while i transfer your call"

    I want to move a call from one work group to another without the system saying "please wait while i transfer your call" after X seconds in queue (Overflow / Interflow im guessing)

    is this possible? Right now sounds horrible as your on hold then your told you will be transfered, and on hold again.

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    The last step in the queue has the ability to assign an Overflow/Interflow destination.


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      On several groups I have it set up to a mail box and deployed as a Wave file in the email distribution group.


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        To be clear i DO NOT WANT IT to say
        "please wait while i transfer your call"


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          What if you go to an auto attendant after the first workgroup, then have it time out to go to the second work group. ?

          i have mine setup to go to an auto attendant with a warning message to get people to transfer off the queue If they didnít select the right option to begin with.

          I sell cable, I got lots of existing customers who press 1 as a new customer because they think they will get faster service.


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            I started a new thread asking a more broader question as it seems you cant turn of "please wait while i transfer your call"

            The new thread explains what im attempting to do.