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  • Windows 10 and ShoreTel 10.2 PCM - Phone Connection Issue


    Here at the company I work at we're testing the various software products we use on Windows 10 in anticipation of upgrading desktop boxes around the office in the near future.

    I've successfully installed ShoreTel v10.2 Personal Call Manager Build 15.31.3005.0 on the Win 10 Machine, however there is an issue in that the "Phone Disconnected, Line Not In Service" icon is displayed and no calls can be made via the manager. Interestingly, the manager was able to make the phone beep during initial setup when attempting to record a greeting... though no message was recorded by the manager. I've set the application to run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 to no avail. I've enabled some verbose log options in the ctr+F12 menu, but I don't see any failures or other clues which might lead to a solution.

    Another approach that I've tried is opening Control Panel > Phone and Modem and attempting to restart the ShoreTel Remote TAPI Service Provider. I saw this mentioned as a solution on a couple of 6+ year old forum postings, but pressing configure causes the Phone and Modem window to enter an unresponsive state.

    Has anyone had experience running this version of PCM with the new Windows OS? Thanks for any and all suggestions regarding this issue.

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    I believe Windows 10 support was added in v14.1 or 14.2. It may install but it won't run very well and TAC won't support it.


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      I don't think even Windows 7 was officially supported until version 11, but it seems like older versions seem to work OK. I have had several people complain that they could not Windows 10 to run older Shoretel clients. We usually give them a quote to upgrade to Shoretel 14.2 (which typically includes a new Windows 2008 or 2012 server).


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        This version has apparently been working fine across our Windows 7 machines for years, but it looks like it's time to step it up. I'll pass this info onto my boss, thanks for chiming in guys.