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  • Best way to route calls to remote users?

    We have several users that are in the office maybe 4 times a year, so all calls are forwarded "Always" to their cell phones. Even when they are in the office, they don't have a physical phone (since it doesn't ring anyway). A couple problems - their mailbox gets filled up (they have VMs sent to email and they never call into the auto-attendant or ShoreTel, so those VMs never get deleted), and we're using an extension license and mailbox license for them (but do we need to?). We can't forward calls from the provider when their DIDs are called (we used to be able to so it would never even hit our system), but I'm looking for a better way for their cell/home phone to be their main phone. Thanks!

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    build route Points. it does not eat up your ext\mb licenses.


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      You can do what bwall says and/or you could also build a COS for voicemails that will auto delete after a set number of days. ie, "Large Mail Box 21 Delete" which auto deletes heard messages after 21 days, that way I know what the COS does.

      (I've done this for exec's that do the same as your folks)