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  • Problem Auto Attendant

    Since we switched to Shoretel we have one client who's Auto Attendant will not recognize our phone's touch tones. We have no problems if we call on a cell phone or if we are in a conference call and another party presses the numbers. We are on Shoretel 7.0. The phones are 230s. The client is on a Telrad system.


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    Yahhh, we have the same issue with a customer. Their ShoreTel auto-att doesn't pickup any DTMF from ShoreTel phones. When I try to call from my 230 to their ST auto-attn it won't detect DTMF; cell phones and any other system works, just not ST phones internal or external. WEIRD


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      are you on a PRI or analog trunks?

      PRI - Turn up the Rx gains under Switches

      Analog, you'll need to open up the shoreware.mdb with MS Access or some other database software and increase the analog gains that way. I think there's a Tech Note for this.


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        If you are referring to analong trunks, the Technical Note is 0141.

        Dr Klahn is correct.