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  • Shoretel Call Manager - CPU Issues?

    We've just deployed phase one of our Shoretel system. Running 7.5, and we have deployed the Call Manager software to all desktops. (Sorry should be we had deployed.) We have just completed a mass de-install of the software due to a bug. (?)

    Once installed the software installs forms, and hooks into Outlook. (2003 & 2007) We are seeing CPU's max at 100% usage under the svchost.exe process. (tasklist.exe /svc give you a truckload of info.) However once uninstalled the CPU usage returns to normal. Have seen this across the board of a range of ASUS laptops (2 - 2.5 years old.), IBM Lenovo, and IBM Workstations, and some HP Laptops. (Effects Windows XP more so than Vista.)

    (We've had limited success with just disabling the Outlook addins.)

    The call manager release we are running is '12.12.6116.0'. Is anyone aware of an issue with the call manager software and masses of CPU usage?