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  • What Backup Procedures are you using?

    What are other Administrators doing to backup their ShoreTel systems?

    I have the “Shoreline Data” on its own partition and have just setup a script using mysqldump to backup the CDR database.
    Does anything in “c:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\” and its subdirectories need to be backed up?

    I’d like to use a Powershell or a VBS script to copy critical data to a standard fileserver as a backup.
    What needs to be backed up?
    How does one backup the Shoreware settings? I assume there are in the ShoreWare.mdb.

    Any guidance would be appreciated!

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    We used to expect our customers to back up the server (and actually, we still do), but we recently added a script that basically backs up all required files (.MDB, Prompts, etc) except VM's (can be too large). This package is then uploaded to our Server at our Home Office every night. If the customer burns down, and has no backup, we have everything we need to rebuild the system quickly (except VM's).


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      Ok, thanks for the advice!


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        Can I take a look at the script?


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          Originally posted by phoneguy
          Can I take a look at the script?
          I'd be interested in that as well.


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            Here's what I have so far.

            The cdr-db-backup.bat file (I added txt extensions to the uploaded files) is the script that uses mysqldump to create a backup of the CDR DB.

            The cdr-db-backup.ps1 script is a Powershell script to synchronize the CDR Database directory on the ShoreTel Server to the CDR Database Backup directory on the main file server.

            Once our ShoreTel Server is all set up I'll use similar PS scripts to back up the other critical data.

            How are other Admins backing up ShoreWare.mdb database?????
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