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  • Phone Display Blocky

    Below is what I just posted at the yahoo forums I figured this might help here if you have a phone display going bad you can fix it using this method.

    I've had this issue to many times I decided to take matters into my
    own hand here is the fix for the phone blocks in my example I will
    use the IP 230

    1. log into your ShoreTel server and go to c:\inetpub\ftproot
    2. Open a file called "shore_sev.txt"
    3. Look for these lines
    IconPixmap "icons_sev_060328.bmp"
    FontPixmap "font_060131.bmp"
    4. find the files in the same directory and copy them in the same
    directory rename the copys like so "Example"
    from "Copy of font_060131.bmp" to "font_060131NEW.bmp"
    from "Copy of icons_sev_060328.bmp" to "icons_sev_060328NEW.bmp"

    5. go back into the "shore_sev.txt" and rename the lines to show your
    new bmp's like so
    IconPixmap "icons_sev_060328NEW.bmp"
    FontPixmap "font_060131NEW.bmp"
    6. Save the file and reboot the phone this will update the display
    and fix your issue.

    7. after phone is fixed go back into "shore_sev.txt" and change it
    back to the original setting so an upgrade dosent mess up your system.
    IconPixmap "icons_sev_060328.bmp"
    FontPixmap "font_060131.bmp"
    Sergio Valles
    [email protected]
    # 909-972-0398 Direct
    Certified ShoreTel Engineer

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    Nice find!!!

    Thanks for the info


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      This worked perfectly. Thanks for the info,

      Is Shoretel working on a fix for this?