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  • Routing to wrong voicemail server.

    We are experiencing a fairly unique issue (so we believe anyways).

    We have 5 sites with shoretel phones, our headquarters server is in Atlanta and we have remote nodes - all of which have at least a T1 and a few 60/12's along with a DVM. The switches are managed by the DVM in each location, and each DVM reports to itself (in the shoreware director under switches).

    When we call to one of our locations, the call goes through fine - but when we go to voicemail it says "voicemail - #### didn't answer, sent call to John Doe's Mailbox'. In the status it shows "(remote hold)", and after 10 seconds it transfers you to their voicemail. There is a 10 second pause in between where it goes from the 'send to voicemail' and the actual voicemail server picks up.

    We have changed one of the users to point to a different voicemail server and the pause goes away (pointed to our local voicemail server). So naturally we assumed that it is the voicemail server - we built a new one - pointed the switches to it (but did not change the extensions on it - just pointed the switches) and the problem remains.

    We're pretty much out of ideas here - other than pointing everyone at that remote location to one of the other voicemail servers.

    Any help is appreciated.