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  • augie
    Resurrecting this from dead baby!

    There is actually a way to factory reset the 400 series phones - it was just undocumented.

    You SSH into your 400 series phone(s), type exit, elevate to root (password ShoreTel) and type "ftclean"

    You will see the following:

    phone is running, --reboot implied
    This will reset the phone to factory defaults.

    Are you sure you want to do this (yes/NO)?

    Furthermore, TAC has released a KB article on a new utility for the 400 series phones that allow you to do this on a mass scale using the SSH hq_rsa key on the server. This can be scripted, and there are other remote commands you can do as well.

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  • kremus
    Thx. I was able to log in via SSH. I did have to convert the existing key to a putty version but no big deal.

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  • stevewright345
    oooh, the 480's have ssh. Learned something new today.

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  • Palitto Consulting
    The SSH private key for the user "admin" is on the server in "Shoreline Data\keystore\ssh\hq_rsa". Once logged in, you get to the CLI for these phones, which offers these commands:

    setcfg # sets the parameter in group to the value
    getcfg # gets parameter in group
    reset # resets parameters to factory default value
    log # log control settings
    netstats # dumps values in the netstats datamodel
    netstatus # dumps values in the netstatus datamodel
    time # dumps the current time to nanosecond resolution
    setclock # sets the hw clock.
    getdm # dumps entire DM tree structure
    settimezone # sets a timezone
    events # dump event log
    system # show system CPU/memory/storage
    ping # ping a host over the network
    traceroute # trace the network route to a host
    capture # network packet capture utility
    rebootwhenidle # reboot the phone when no active sessions
    reboot # reboot the phone
    firmwarestatusevent # propagate firmware status to TMS via SIP to switch

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  • stevewright345
    There is no way to factory reset a phone remotely. I spent a good deal of time researching this when I was re-IPing a customer network remotely. For some odd reason, 3 of the phones had static configs manually entered. I could telnet into them, but the RESET command only reboots them and does NOT reset them to factory values.

    I have no experience with the 480 model. So maybe it's got more features over telnet.

    Short answer: You must be physically at the phone to reset to factory values.

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  • kremus
    I tried that command. It works on our 230 phones. Not the 480's. I get an Authenticate error.

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  • crimson.falconer
    Replace x's with the phone ip address

    phonectl -pw 1234 -telneton


    You could try the command: reset

    I'm not 100% sure if this command factory resets as it seems to still maintain the 802.1x pw.

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  • Resetting a 480/480g phone to factory settings remotely

    Does anyone know how to do this or if its possible? I know how to do it via the mute commands but was wondering if this can be done remotely via Director or telnet/ssh? If telnet or ssh, does anyone know the password or the command to enable telnet? I attempted to enable via the phonectl tool on the server but get a Authenticate Error.