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  • Event ID 1020

    I have a client who has received the following:

    Computer: SHORETEL
    Version: 12.5.9303.0
    Type: Error
    Date: 3/19/2008 3:31:43 AM
    Source: ShoreWare
    Category: (10) Voice Mail Message Server
    Event ID: 1020

    Failed to find entry in database for voice mail server

    When this happens the voice mail server is not reachable.

    They have got this error before and we corrected it by renaming the Voice Mail server and changing it back. I guess it rewrote it back to the database.

    Anyone know what causes this problem?

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    How long does this last? Does this server have duel NICs, maybe used as a file server also? What does the data base show as far as the correct IP.


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      I never realized dual nic's could be a problem until I took mine out of a team. A lot of small issues went away once that was done.
      (I know this isn't related to the problem, just wanted to post something.)


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        Well, it turned out that the problem was related to a bad ethernet cable. When the server reboots the network services on the NIC had trouble getting started due to the bad cable. The Shoretel services would then start and would end seeing the NIC as the loopback address ( and produce the error since this did not match what is in the database. However, if you restarted the services after this point, it would function properly agian. Once the cable was replaced, it started working properly again. Unfortunately, it took 2 hours to come to this realization.


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          where in the database can I check the vm ip address? Can I do it using sysyog and make a change if needed?
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