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  • Paging Problem

    So I did my first DVM install and everything worked great, for a little while. We set up a paging group and it worked all through training. Then as we were going through the first day checklist, we found that it would not work. It will activate all of the phones, green light comes on, but no voice is transmitted. We are getting an error in the Event Log that shows...

    Switch Evansville 120/24: Call could not be completed due to insufficient network bandwidth at site Evansville

    I worked with their network engineer and he says he never sees enough bandwith to give this error. We even went as far as to make a different group so that it only pages 1 person and we still get the same error.

    Is there anything I can look at to give me information on where it is failing? Or anybody ran into this before? I am betting I missed something in the set up but I am baffled because it worked until the first day of service.

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    What is the sites Admission Control Bandwidth?


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      Both sites are set for 1544. They have a point to point T1 between the sites. Also, the main site does not have ShoreTel yet so they are using the CO lines to talk between the sites. I even switched the Inter-site codec to 729a and it still gave the same error when paging just one person.


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        try increasing your admission control bandwidth at your remote site and at the HQ (be careful that you do have this amount of BW available for voice) -- this can be done on the sites page in shoreware director.. Paging can be a bandwidth hog across the WAN... Paging groups are limited to 20 people per paging group. WAN bandwidth may not be enough for 20 audio streams if paging remote site users.
        meaning each user in the paging group will equal a stream across your WAN.

        Pages to telephones across sites when there is insufficient bandwidth will not receive the page. System administrators should ensure enough bandwidth is available for multi-site paging calls and / or keep the size of the remote groups small. From a planning perspective, system administrators assume G.711 will be used at all times for paging calls across the WAN since there may not be sufficient DSP resources available to transcode the G.711 media stream from the maiG.729a. When DSP resources are depleted, G.711 will automatically be used.

        One suggestion is to use a 3rd party multi zone paging system and connect it to the ShoreTel system.

        for additional details -- please see ShoreTel ST-0200 document.


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          What version are you running? Also, I have ran into insufficient bandwidth (never with paging) issues on multi-site systems and ShoreTel TAC always recommends that the HQ sites ACB be set to 10000kb to emulate the local LAN connection. It always clears the errors once I do that.


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            you will need a ShoreTel switch at the HQ site for this to work. ShoreTel needs a switch a HQ for media proxy.


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              That could be the issue then. There are no switches/phones in place at the HQ yet. I guess I can try cranking up the bandwidth like Mirey mentioned to see if that makes a difference.

              I am still confused though because it did work all throughout training.


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                Well, changing the bandwidth did make a difference but it still didn't work. I just didn't get the error message in the Event Viewer. Still no voice across the page.


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                  What are you using for QOS, is there a lot data traffic crossing that pipe?


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                    There isn't. He said when they make a page, he never sees it go above 1000kbps. We have the DiffServ set for 184 and that is how they are prioritizing it.

                    He is looking at the switches to see if they are restricting it somehow. That is the only thing that changed since the training. We had the ShoreTel switch set up on a separate POE switch in the training room before moving it to the data room.