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  • Problem setting up analog phone on ShoreTel 40/8

    Ok maybe I am missing something, but I have analog phones/fax machines working fine on our 60/12 switches. But when I try to set up an analog phone on our 40/8 switch it doesnt work, no dial tone, and I have tried this on 2 different switches. Is there something different or special with the 40/8 that Im missing? Thanks for any help or ideas.

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    Ok so I love it when I post something and then figure it out 2 mins later. Did some research and found out that if I am using a 24 port punch down then the ports are mapped 5-12. So all I had to do was move the cable around. Thanks.


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      I hate the way they jump around on the 25 P

      yes this messes me up too.

      Some day they will standardize.


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        The converter that comes with SG40 and SG60 switches is meant to make this change for you. It maps the analogue ports on the switch to the first several pairs on a standard tail, it can be handy of you are connecting to existing infrastructure but if it is a clean install then I think that punching it in direct looks better.