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  • Can't get VM notification to cell phone

    Is there some magic to doing this? Customer is a new install with 7.5. It works for our 7.5. Must be something buried in there deep that we have missed.

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    Are you talking about emailing a notification or copy of VM to there email account, as opposed to the outlook integration?

    You have to make sure the SMTP connector is setup correctly in IIS


    1. On the ShoreWare server select Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Internet Information Services (IIS).
    2. Click to expand the Server listed then Highlight Default SMTP (right-click Properties).
    3. Select Delivery tab then the Advanced button.
    4. In the “SmartHost” field, configure the IP Address of their Exchange Server.
    5. Once the IP Address is configured, Stop and Start SMTP.

    The reason for this is because the emails need to be routed to the Exchange. If the relay is not configured you will see the emails from the ShoreTel fill up the queue in the Inetpub folder on the ShoreTel server. On our network, we do not have the smart host configured because we have a MailFrontier server that acts as the relay to the exchange.


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      Clarification, I hope.

      Customer wants to be notified - with a call to cell phone - that he has voice mail messages. Then be able to put in his PIN to listen (or not) to the messages(s).
      Every system we have ever sold has this ability.

      Not looking for emails.


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        Make sure Voice Mail Notification user group has permission to use trunks.


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          Darn...I was hoping Charles' response would have resolved the issue, ALAS!


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            Originally posted by luckycharms
            Darn...I was hoping Charles' response would have resolved the issue, ALAS!
            It's amazing what you can find on here. I didn't feel like typing it, so I ran a search, copied in paste. (and gave you credit )