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  • Hardware VPN for softphone

    We have a sales person who works out of town and we'd like to set him up with the soft phone. We have a netgear prosafe fvx538 hardware vpn/firewall but I'm told that it will not work for the softphone. I'm interested to hear some suggestions regarding which hardware VPN(s) I should be looking at. We want the sales person to be able to use his softphone from home & on the road so a hardware VPN at both ends is not the answer we're looking for.

    Also, on every post regarding the softphone there is a suggestion to just use external assignment instead of the softphone which is really not an option in our situation.

    Jack Smith

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    We are getting ready to demo/test the Citrix Access Gateway with the shoretel softphone.

    I would imagine that if any software based vpn had a shot at being semi-reliable, it would be the Citrix product.

    I will let you know how it turns out, but it will be a while. It may be worth looking into.


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      I just looked at how I worded this question and I think it might have confused some people. Here's a better question:

      If you have set up a user using a soft phone over VPN and got it working, which VPN product(s) did you use? Was the user able to use it at multiple locations? (IE hotels, coffee shops ..etc)

      Jack Smith


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        I've used a Cisco VPN client with no issues several times. I also have several customers using it via Cisco VPN's, both hardware and software based.

        You wouldn't be able to do it with a Citrix or TS session though. Audio issues. You could use Citrix or TS for Office Anywhere though.


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          The citrix session would not work, but the access gateway should. It is just an ssl vpn.