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  • Music on hold not work

    Hi everybody,

    I believe Music on hold (MOH) on ShoreTel switch is very easy to setup. But I couldn't get it working. Could someone please help?

    - ShoreGear 40/8 switch
    - ShoreTel v7.5
    - music played on Windows Media Player
    - 3.5mm plug from the PC sound card to the switch

    I notice some limitations from the manual. What is a tie trunk anyway? We only need to put incoming and outgoing normal calls on hold. Nothing too complicated. Thank you very much.

    MOH is not supported over the SIP tie trunk towards analog phones, analog
    trunks or PRI trunks. Currently, MOH is sent over the tie trunk and is not
    generated by the local device.
    MOH Works for the following SIP trunk devices:
    Hitachi Phone
    SIP BRI gateway
    PolyCom SIP phone
    SIP Service Provider Network (e.g., Masergy).
    MOH is supported across SIP Tie Trunk to IP Phone in the following scenarios:
    From an IP phone to another IP phone
    From an analog phone to an IP phone (i.e. putting the call on hold from an
    analog phone)
    From any trunk (PRI/analog) while placing an IP phone caller on hold
    From any phone type to a SIP trunk device such as a Hitachi phone over the SIP tie trunk and onto the SIP trunk device

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    I assume that you ticked the box on the switch configuration page to make it the MOH source. The other thing to note is that MOH is not delivered on extension to extension calls, you need to dial in from outside. If you are just one site with analogue or digital trunks then the limitations won't affect you apart from what I just mentioned.


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      I did all you mentioned. No improvement at all.

      Do you think any other reason why it doesn't work


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        What build of Shoretel are you running?


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          What computer do you have Win Media Player running from? If you are running it from the Shoretel server it won't work (or at least I couldn't get it to). Can you hear sound if you plug headphones in the soundcard jack?


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            the MOH source will not span the WAN either....


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              I think it won't cross sites


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                Originally posted by southeasternMI
                I think it won't cross sites
                That's correct, you need an MOH switch at each site.


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                  I have one MOH device at my HQ and it plays across sites.


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                    I think there was a discussion about this before. There were two items that were unclear:

                    1. When your MOH plays across "sites" are they really "SHORETEL sites" or just different locations.
                    2. Do you have PRI's at both locations, or do both "sites" use a T1 switch at the main site.

                    Last time, I think we narrowed this down to having only one T1 switch at the main site. While I do not know why this would make MOH span sites, it seemed to. I would think that it would have more to do with not having seperate shoretel sites in director. If all "locations" were one "site" then MOH would span the wan... I think.

                    I really hope we can get hard details on the differences you see with MOH. It would be nice to know when it will span and when it will not.

                    Can you post some screenshots of your director site configs and a quicklook screenshot or something? This has me interested.


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                      We have one PRI at the HQ. 1 T-1 switch at the HQ and the HQ SG120/24switch is set to MOH Source. It plays at all "sites". These are defined as sites and not just remote locations. It will be interesting to see what happens when we add another PRI at one of our remote Sites next month.


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                        Please let us know after you add a T1 switch at another site. I really can not see why that would matter.

                        Does anyone have any ideas on why his MOH source will span sites and ours will not? I would love to have one MOH source at the main office instead of having one at EVERY site. Just makes updates easier.

                        Any shoretel employees out there with an idea? The official line (i believe) is that MOH will NOT span sites, due to bandwidth issues. I personally think that the option would be nice.


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                          My impression has always been that if you have different sites in the director then the MOH will not work, even if the sites are in the same building.
                          I'll setup another site at the office and test it; will let you know the out come.


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                            Phoneguy's works.... I wish I knew how.

                            The only difference between his and ours is he only has one t1 switch that the two sites share (should have nothing to do with it).


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                              Curious as to what switches he has his users set up on at the remote sites.. Are we sure the IP phones and users reside on the switches at the remote sites? Sorry if these are redundant questions..