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  • Personal Contact list not being brought into call manager.

    Ok have a couple questions that someone with a bit more extensive knowledge on shoretel then me might be able to answer.

    I have the boxes set for outlook integration in call manager. Now the problem is it still isn't pulling from any of the contacts in outlook. If I type a name it is pulling contacts from that would be in a GAL but not in his personal contact folders. I actually checked and renamed one of them to include the word contacts in it. Did not help, I also went into more options and set the cache mode and then did an update. It says it brought the contacts over from those contact folders. But when I have him type a name into the call manager it still isn't finding that contact. Anyone have any idea on how I can get call manager to pull this contact information?

    Second question if your in your contact list is there any way to iniate the call from right clicking on a contact, similiar to what groupwise did. If I right click I do see where I can make a call but none of this is going through shoretel so it doesn't work. Sorry about the crazy questions I am probably just missing something easy and simple. But thank you to anyone that can point me in the right direction.


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    I've seen a few people who wondered why certain contacts didn't get imported. It turned out that they didn't have phone numbers entered for any of their contacts, ShoreTel doesn't import a contact if they don't have a phone number.


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      I don't know why your contacts wouldn't import, but to do the right click and call thing it should be as easy as:
      1. Right click on the contact and select "call"
      2. when the dialing box pops up, select "Dialing Options" (You should only have to do this part once).
      3. Change the "Connect using" from whatever it is on to "Persons Name, Switch Name, etc". It should be obvious which option is the shoretel phone.
      4. They should now be able to call away.

      I have seen problems when someone externally assigns. Since outlook is still set to use the phone, and the phone is now no longer there, the call fails. Closing outlook and re-opening fixes the problem.

      The intergration is not NEARLY as tight as one would want it to be.

      good luck


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        Also, I think it only imports the contacts by default at startup. If you have changed a bunch of them, you wont see them until the program is stopped and started, or a reboot.


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          Thank you both for your replies when I get a couple test subjects in this morning I will fiddle around with that and see what I come up with. Thanks for the start on it for me.



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            Ran across this exact issue this morning. Luckily it was because he had no phone numbers in his contacts. No phone numbers, no reason to import. Go figure!