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  • What is the deal?

    We have been wanting to up grade to 7.5 since last summer. We are a dealer. We keep getting a lot of BS about it is not generally available. What has that got to do with anything? As a dealer, we should be able to get the controlled release anyway, right? It is for us in house.

    Again today the response was it will be a few more days and you can get it. They have shipped 7.5 to us for customer install and all seems to be well.

    ST8 on the horizon and the bugs aren't worked out on 7.5 to let a dealer get it for in house? I really don't get it- most of the time.

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    I never listen to them. I'm a bad boy. I would just install it, it's not like they will ever know. (unless they read this)


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      Who needs to listen to people huh? LOL. Sadly enough.... we've been the guinea pigs on lots of builds... yeah... sometimes that sucks. Ah well. I think we are an official bug magnet or something.