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  • Disabling the Computer Port on IP230

    Hi ,, new Admin to the Shoretel system here.
    Version 7 i believe... IP230 phones..

    Anyone out there know if you can turn off the secondary rj45 jack on the back of the IP230 phones?...

    if so how?


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    You could setup the data vlan (so tagged the voice vlan) and then create an ACL on your switch(es) to block traffic from the data vlan to anywhere else. This would effectively achieve the same result.


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      I think that you can add something to the custom.txt file that will disable that port, of course that won't disable the wall jack that the phone is plugged into so I'm not sure how much physical security disabling the second port will get you. Real security will come from a solution more along the lines of what Chris outlined above.


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        I would look at MAC based security so that only the primary 00-10-49 Shoretel MAC address is allowed on that network switch port.