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  • Contact Center IRN extension stops answering

    I'm an end-user. We use contact center so we've created IRN extensions that route calls into Contact Center. We've configured 60 IVR ports to be used by contact center as holding spots for the calls.

    On the IRN's, we've designated a hunt-group for calls to fail-over to in the event the IRN doesn't answer or is busy. We continually have issues through-out the day where an IRN will stop answering calls and the calls fall into the hunt group.

    The calls enter Shoretel via a Qwest T1 line that rings directly to a local T1 shoretel switch and is routed via DNIS to the IRN extension in Shoreware Director.

    I can replicate the issue when I hear calls going into the hunt group by simply calling the IRN extension and waiting for my call to time out over to the hunt group. However, I'll test a different IRN and it will route me to the queue or available agent.

    We are using Contact Center v. 4.35.11 and Shoretel v. 11.15.3201. I've contacted Shoretel's tech support and they've looked at the logs of specific calls I've recorded this happening too and they have not been able to identify what might be causing this issue. We aren't running out of IVR ports, when this happens at most there are 16 calls queued up and using the IVR ports, but the remaining ports are free when I look at the contact center.

    The workaround is to move the IRN to a different route-point server and then move it back and the IRN will start to work again, but does anyone have any ideas why they stop working in the first place?
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    Have you made any changes to your ECC or ShoreTel before this happened?
    Do you have groups that have the same extension as some agents?
    Are you at the latest code for ECC, we use to take care of ECC customers and an upgrade cured our problems 9 out of 10 times. Its funny like that, the issues can come out of the blue and it will be a bug and sometimes a known bug.
    Talk to Rudy at ShoreTel, he seems like he knows his stuff with ECC.


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      Thank you for your reply. I haven't made any changes in ECC or Shoretel. None of our system extensions overlap with any agent extensions, we aren't on the latest version of ECC, I know 4.35 isn't the latest version, but I'm afraid to run through an upgrade and risk destabilizing our Customer Support helpdesk, but it is a thought. Let me know if there are any other things I can check.


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        To be honest with you, now that I look at the version you are on I'm thinking an upgrade to the latest 4.65 will do the trick. We had a customer that was having same intermittent issue with IRN picking up calls. Is 4.35 the first version of ECC? Did you look at the lease notes for known issues?


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          Well, ECC does go back a while; the first one I worked with was 4.22.XX. 4.35.11 was the end of the line for the 4.35 series, so any upgrade would take you to 4.65.04.
          It sounds like the TAPI notification for that route point are getting lost somewhere, but it is hard to figure that out without looking at the logs for both the PBX and the ACD.
          southeasternMI is right though, the 4.65 series is a bit less quirky then the 4.35 series. I've found that a lot of weird issues go away in 4.65.