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  • Allow Prompt Recording Using Telephone

    Okay, So we need to change the Auto Attendant menu greetings/prompts however, I'm trying to do so by the shoretel phones. I went into the shoretel director and enabled the prompt and set the password, but now how do I access it??

    I've searched the help files all day and the only thing I've came across was

    "User recording of auto-attendant menus allows end users to dial into the system to record AA prompts in the same way that they would change their personal mailbox greeting (i.e. without having to access the recording interface through ShoreWare Director).

    I've dialed the queue and tried randomly hitting things like # to no avail. I've called my distributor and they said "they had no training" and would need to create a trouble ticket (which I already did).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Nevermind, found it.

    You have to hit the record button in the shoretel director.

    1. Go to preferences
    2. Put in the phone you will be recording from.
    3. Enable the Allow Prompt Recording Using Telephone
    4. The record button should now be active.


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      Think of it as a voice mail box, the extension # of the auto-att is the voicemail ext, so if you hit # # you will get the VM login prompt asking for your ext #, you simply put in the auto-att # and follow the prompts.