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  • Cannot Delete Switch

    I have an old Shoreline 120/24 that is being replaced by a new SG24. I’m having issues deleting them from the system.

    I’ve removed all IP phones, users, and Hunt Groups from each switch. As well as disabled all IP Phone ports. No IP phones are attached to this switch. I’ve confirmed that no users have either of these switches assigned.

    When I try to delete the switch, it gives the following error:
    "record cannot be deleted or changed because table 'UserCurrentSwitch' includes related records"

    Any ideas?

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    Under IP phones, options, is that switch listed as one of the configuration switches?


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      Thanks for the response!
      No, not listed as a configuration switch. Forgot to mention that in my initial post.


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        I usually go into the MS Access database and try to find where there may be residual references to the switch you are trying to delete. If you find a reference you can go back to the director and remove the reference. If you are absolutely sure that the record in the database should not be there, delete the record from the database.

        Unless absolutely sure, I wouldn't delete any database records unless it was a last resort.


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          I ended up locating 3 users that still had ties to the switch in question, by digging through the database. Not sure why, but I was able to adjust them and remove the switch.



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            And where in DBA you found that record for those 3 users beeing associated with that switch?


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              This is what I used to find the users.

              SELECT *
              FROM users u
              JOIN usercurrentswitch s ON s.UserDN = u.UserDN
              WHERE CurrentSwitchID = '9'


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                One thing to check before accessing the DB, Look in the anonymous phones section, take note of any in phones in there,(note the MAC), and go to those users and set them to soft switch. I was able to delete the switch, then just went back to the users and reassign the phones to the MACs I noted. That worked for me.