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  • Music On Hold

    Okay I guess this is probably a newbie issue, but how does one go about using something like iTunes to play music through the audio output jack of the Shoretel Server (or any server for that matter) when logging in through Remote Desktop (instead of at the console)? When logging in with Remote Desktop, nothing will play through the audio output jack. When opening the mixer it says "Microsoft RDP Audio Driver" instead of the real audio card. In Remote Desktop I have ensured that the sound setting is "Leave at remote computer". For now, I have setup iTunes at our fileserver console, and have run a cable from that audio jack to the audio input jack of the ShoreGear 60/12. This works great, but our fileserver is a lot busier than the Shoretel server. Anyone know how to do this, or do I need to just plug in a monitor/keyboard/mouse into the Shoretel Server and reboot?

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    I am not sure I like the idea of steaming the MOH from the ST server but thats not what you asked.

    You could try TS to the console %windir%\system32\mstsc.exe /console

    or use a tool like Real VNC or PC Anywhere possible.

    Not sure if it would work but worth a try none the less
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      Lets not forget, if you connect to the Shoretel VM Server via RDP, and you pull audio streams, you 99% of the time will crash the Audio output (and get dead air for AA prompts, and VM).

      Not a good idea to consider the Shoretel server in this function what so ever.


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        I agree that this is probably not a good idea. Not to mention the fact that most of the ITunes songs are probably not royalty free.

        We got a DJ rackmount CD player and mounted it directly below the shoretel switch. Some royalty free music (It is really good stuff, not elevator music) written on a CD as MP3 files and you are in business.

        The rackmount player will Auto Loop forever. It has been working out really well for us.

        We even ran MP3gain against the mp3's to lower the volume, since shoretel does not have a volume control, and neither did the CD Player line outs.


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          Hi! Thanks for all the answers! We use iTunes to play mp3 files sent by the national office (recorded at their media studio). We don't necessarily need to use iTunes, I just chose it out of familiarity. The reason I wanted to set this up on the Shoretel server is that is our laziest server. It doesn't have anything to do besides provide user information to phones and call manager (under 50 users). We don't use AA, and we only have 10 VM boxes. I guess I will try VNC. We usually use logmein but it is already setup for use by our installer.


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            Also, we tried a CD player set to loop, but it went kaputz after about 4 months. Then we tried an mp3 player, but that just wasn't a good setup with the model we had. However, the server has been working great.


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              Back in 1985, I hooked up a Sony CD player to our Lexar2000 system's MOH input. That lasted about 4 years, subsequent ones lasted from 3 years to only 6 months. Evenutally the mechanics die.

              Finally (a few years ago, when they were about $300) I obtained a 1GB iRiver flash media player. No moving parts. Ran it off it's AC adapter until we forklifted the Lexar out and put the ShoreTel in. I reset it and tweaked the gain setting, but it's been running 24x7x365, and is still running the same 32 or so hour loop of public domain classical music.

              It was a bit like "remove the radiator cap, change the car."


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                I like the OHP 6000 plus. Mp3, and simple...


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                  On Hold Player

                  I've got a desktop in my rack that I've been using for non-critical tasks. I recently found a piece of software called IMS On hold player and slapped it on that desktop. Works brilliantly.

                  The website is:

                  IMS Free Music On Hold Software mixes music and MOH messages using your computer in real time for a professional presentation to callers while they hold.