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  • Recording Specific User's calls

    Hello everyone, long time listener, first time caller.

    I am still new to ShoreTel but I will say that I like what I am seeing so far. Coming from an Avaya IP Office background, I am excited about a nice reliable system that seems pretty easy to program/maintain.

    Anyway, I am working on a system and they would like to have certain users have the ability to record phone calls of specific users. For example, the manager of a group wants to be able to record calls randomly for members of the group. They are not using Workgroups, these would be calls directly to the user's extension. They also do not want to monitor the call while they record it. They want to just be able to record the call and then go back and listen to it later. Is this possible? Any easy way to do it?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    We only use the basic built in recording features, but I would think that the CallRex product would do everything you are looking for.


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      You should find what you're looking for in the user groups and you can add the record extension icon in their PCM tool bar.


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        One thing I remember that was really nice about the callrex upgrade is that you could start recording a call at any time, even the end of the call, and it would go back and keep the entire call.


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          No way with base system

          There is no way in the Shoretel System to record every call automatically. You need a 3rd party tool like Callrex. We use it and have been happy with it..


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            I figured I should update this with what worked best for the customer. I gave each of the "supervisors" 2 toolbars. The first had the ability to silent monitor the extensions and also use the call record feature to record at will if they would like. The second toolbar was simply a record extension of the same user. They use this if they just want to record the call that the agent is on without having to listen to it yet.

            Thanks for all the suggestions guys!