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  • Getting rid of that confusing message...

    ShoreTel 7.0 with user groups set to delete voicemail messages after 40 days. Ten days before message deletion ShoreTel leaves a new message in user's mailbox stating that "In ten days the oldest message will be deleted". Has anyone been successful in eliminating this message?

    Thanks... Bud

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    That my friend will probably have to be do by ShoreTel professional services, they will charge you an arm and a leg.


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      I really have to wonder sometimes about shoretel and the "little things". What programmer would go through all the trouble of creating email notifications for the action of "auto cleanup" and not put a little checkbox that says "Enable Auto Delete/cleanup Notifications".

      Again, the big picture is awesome, the details are fuzzy.

      I am sure that eventually this option will be worked into the code.


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        Thanks... That's kind of what I thought. I don't mind the email notification. I think it's a good idea. Our old voicemail used to just dump the messages with no warning. But the voicemail message that a message will be deleted in ten days really confuses some of the users.