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  • Flashing a ShoreTel switch

    There are times when the flash on a switch can become corrupt. ie: someone pulls power during software update. If you feel you need to re-flash the switch, the process is very easy:

    Remote desktop to the server. Get a dos prompt. Change directory into the server software folder. CD C:\prog*\Shore*\*ver you can then use the command burnflash s <ip of switch> this will burn a fresh copy of the flash to the switch.
    Ryland Marshall
    Certified ShoreTel System Engineer

    Any comments that I make are purely my opinion. I am not a ShoreTel employee and do not represent them in any way, other then loving the product. Any advise that I may give is to be used at your own risk, I can not take responsibility for any harm that my come from your decision to use my advise.

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    Just a word of caution here on flashing

    Although flashing can clear a few issues and or correct a corrupted firmware it is a last ditch effort to try.

    I have found that most switches shipped from Shoretel new have a release of firmware @ 9.x.xxxx.0 = ST1.2, most new installed are normally ST6.x

    In the above it is at time needed to force the upgrade of a SG switch before it will be found by the system. The same is true if a switch is needed to be replaced on a version that equals the above or if the Firmware on the ST Server is lower then the Switch shipped.

    Again before you flash your switch, please confer with Shoretel TAC first for the reasons why you think a flash is needed. A bad flash can destroy your switch


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      Flash a 530 Phone

      Any way to flash a shoretel 530? Supported or unsupported by shoretel? I am not talking about updating the firmware by the way, I would like to go backwards.