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  • CO line appearance

    Is there any way to have an analog trunk assigned on a programmable key on the 560 phone?Direct line appearance is what you would call this.

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    Yes, look under call control and then bridge call appearance. You would create BCA and the point your direct line to the BCA extension in the trunkgroup and assign that BCA extension to the phone/button you want.

    I hope that is what you are asking.


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      This solution gives you the ability to view whether a trunk is in use, to pickup a call placed on hold on that trunk, and to make multiple IP phones ring simultaneously when that trunk receives an incoming call, but there is no way (that I've been able to find) to program a button on a 560/212k/BB24/etc to SELECT a particular trunk for an outbound call.
      Not sure exactly what you're after.

      If anyone knows of a way to truly emulate a key system environment where users have the ability to select Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, etc for their OUTBOUND calls, please respond.