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  • Maintenance of Shoreware.mdb

    From working with the various people at TAC, a number of them have recommended running compress and repair to my database file. As to how often I get different responses, from every month to every six months.

    Copy the shoreware data base file to a safe location. Make a second copy to your desktop and run the tool on this copy. Open up the database using access. If you go under tools you will find a compress and repair option. Run the option. Now here is the tricky part. In order to copy the database file back into the Shoreline Data/database folder you will need to stop the dcom/shoreline process. While stopped replace the file in the database folder. Now restart the DCOM/Shoreline process.

    That should do it for you. Please do not do this unless you feel comfortable with messing with the database file. If you do mess up your system you can always replace your database file with the copy you put in a safe place.
    Ryland Marshall
    Certified ShoreTel System Engineer

    Any comments that I make are purely my opinion. I am not a ShoreTel employee and do not represent them in any way, other then loving the product. Any advise that I may give is to be used at your own risk, I can not take responsibility for any harm that my come from your decision to use my advise.

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    Another Caution

    Running compress and repair should only be done at the request of Shoretel

    This can damage your database and bring your system out of service.


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      Sometimes the backup of mdb file will also become damaged. I will try some tools to recover my file at that time. I would like to try a utility called Advanced Access Repair to repair my Access MDB file. It works rather well for my corrupt Access MDB files. But this rarely happens, so I just used it when necessary. Hope this is useful.