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  • Default Auto Attendant Greetings

    Does anyone know where the default wav files are for the voicemail? Say for instance the default, Thank you for calling. If you know.......

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    C:\Shoreline Data\Vms\SHORETEL\XXX\
    where XXX is the extension of the auto attendant you are refering to.

    Each extension stored on a particular server has a folder here. This is where outgoing messages, like Auto Attendant, recorded names, and personal greetings live. Incoming voicemail messages are stored in another folder.

    Also in the C:\Shoreline Data\Vms\Servers\ folder there is a folder for each remote server, and subfolders for each extension with just the recorded name of each user, so that vm can failover in the event of a downed server, WAN link, etc.
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      Different Greeting

      I know about those but what I am looking for is the messages that come default with shoretel. So if you don't record a greeting in an AA, you will get the default ShoreTel girl. Where is that located?


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        Alot are located on the switch, and not accessable..or so we have been told. It's been brought up many times.

        The "shoretel girl" is Connie (I think that's her name) over at
        They do good work, and turn around is pretty quick.


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          But now that I think about it, ALL AA files should be on the server.


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            Okay so here's a big disclaimer: I have no idea what will happen if you modify these recordings, or even how to get the modified recording onto the switches. This certainly won't be supported by ShoreTel.

            On your ShoreTel server, in C:\Inetpub\ftproot\ts\en-US\ there are a bunch of .ulw files. These look to me like u-law .pcm files. They are the wave files that the switches play, but minus all the headers to tell the application what codec, bitrate, sample rate, etc.

            You can import them into something like audacity at U-Law, 8000Hz, and then then you can play them back. I don't know which file is which recording; and there are quite a few.

            I suppose you could take a .wav file and export it to the same format as you imported the .ulw files then replace the original .ulw file in \inetpub\ftproot\.

            I've never tried it, it sounds dangerous, and like I said above, you would have to force the switches to re-download the recording from the server. Maybe a burnflash would accomplish that.

            Edit: forgot to mention, obviously there are other languages, if you go up a level. Choose the right language. American English is en-US.
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              I would imagine every upgrade you do on Shoretel will overwrite those files.... so you would have to copy the modified files back into the respective directories after each upgrade.