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  • One Way Audio

    I have a site that has random 1 way audio issues between certain users. I do have a bit a situation because I also have a site that has the same IP schema but on a different router. I have the phones set to this router (IPSEC). The other router is MPLS. Both switches and shoretel servers point to the MPLS router.

    How does the phone to phone communication work? I thought that the switch is the go between and the phones don't need to be connected to each other off the network. But in my issue there is something making this 1 way audio happen.

    Any suggestions would be great.

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    If you have the same IP schema, how do you route between these two sites? For example if both sites are using how do you tell your routers where to go for which destination? All of your phones need to have a unique IP address unless you're using an external link (T1 trunk line, SIP trunks, analong trunks, etc) to leave your network and re-enter it through a non-IP path. This really isn't a ShoreTel issue, you'd run into this problem no matter what type of node you wanted to use between these two users/sites.


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      The IP phone to IP phone communications only use the SG switches for call set up and teardown, once the call is set up the RTP (speech) packets are from Phone to phone directly via your network.

      Best thing to do is get yourself a Hub, a power injector a pc with wireshark and see whats happening to your RTP Packets.

      Are you have any other issues such as Switches randomly loosing connection/communication with TMS? If so I would check that you do not have ICMP re-directs enabled on your Routers.


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        One Way Audio

        My Shoretel switch and server points out my MPLS router (Manual programmed GW) and my phones use my internet GW. My internet GW has the IPSEC tunnel.

        Since the phones make a direct connection with there RTP packets, I will have to break the subnet into 1/2 at each location which should fix it.

        Was hoping that the switch was the go between for the traffic. We have Asterisk servers too, that use the servers instead of going phone to phone.