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  • Faxing issues

    What we have...
    ST ver 14.41.9506.0
    SG 220T1
    SG T1k

    Windows Server
    RightFax 9.3
    Brooktrout TR1034+P4H-T1-N1

    Current setup
    PRI from TelCo runs into our 220T1. We then have the T1k pumping 4 Digital Wink Start trunks into the TR1034. I believe we have our fax DID's setup as off system extensions pushing to the T1k.

    Basically, we have a lot of faxes failing, incoming and outgoing. Also have faxes not completing but yet called successful. Anyone have any idea if we are doing this correctly or if they have any recomendations? I'm about ready to buy a replacement analog fax card for the fax server and pipe it via analog. The fax server consistently reports errors sending and receiving. Things like line noise are in the errors. I don't know if a different setup would work or if we have some setting setup incorrectly.


  • #2
    Can you check that you have the Clock Source set correctly on both T1k's

    The Clock Source for the PRI should be set to Slave as theTelco will be supplying the clock.

    The clock source from ShoreTel to the fax server should be set to Master as the ShoreTel system should synchronise the Fax Server worth a try.