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  • Public Folders in Outlook Integration

    We should have the contact information from our Exchange Public Folders available to all users. However, some have it and some do not, but I cannot figure out how to add it. In the Call Manager Client, under Options | Outlook | Import Options | Import Configurator, some clients have an entry for Public Folders, which is checked. Other clients do not have the option to check or uncheck Public Folders, because the option is not there. How do I make Public Folders an option to check for the clients without one? I've seen the registry differences between clients, but am hesitant to make any changes without some feedback. Any info is greatly appreciated.



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    Any info on this? After making registry edits (backing up before hand), checking settings in Exchange, uninstalling/reinstalling the ShoreTel client, I'm at my wit's end. There has to be some easy way to make the Public Contacts available for the ShoreTel client to import. I'd appreciate any feedback or insight.