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  • Call Fwd. rules for unassigned common used phones

    Hey folks

    We just set up a new ShoreTel phone system at one of our branches in the US - the roll-out process ran smoothly with no major troubles.

    There is one question we can't find the answer to though:
    All of our Users are assigned to their "home phone" based on the MAC address as their home port.
    Some of these users are common used phones (e.g. in the meeting room) and it might be possible that an executive assigns its extension to that phone. So what happens then is that the extension of the meeting room phone will be unassigned and wouldn't ring - the caller still hears a ringback tone.

    Is there a way to forward this meeting room extension to the operator during the time it is unassigned/another extension is assigned to that phone?

    Thanks for your help and have a good day!

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    You could change the way one of the call handling modes is on the meeting room phone.

    For example, set "In a Meeting" to always forward to the operator. When somebody wants to assign themselves to that phone they can change the call handling mode then assign their own extension.

    One other option would be to leave the meeting room phone assigned to it's home phone and have the exec. that wants to use the phone park the call on that extension from their home phone.
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