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  • Play Recorded Message

    Is there an easy way to play a recorded message and hang up?

    For example, we have an AA menu setup for our IT help desk. We currently have something like press 1 to create a ticket, press 2 for a system down emergency. I would like to add option 3 and have it play a recorded network status message. I thought it would be simple to do by setting up a route point, but I really don't users to be able to leave a message using this option.


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    bkuhn, the best way to do this would be to have the option go to another AA. Have the AA play and then either time out and have the time out action be to hang up or to go back to the parent CCR.


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      Oh, duh. Haha

      Thanks I figured there would be something simple I could do. Helps to have fresh eyes look at it.