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  • Can firmware be reloaded on phones?

    Is there a way to reload the firmware if the phone lost power during a previous firmware upgrade?

    I would guess there is a way to do this similar to booting from TFTP on a router.

    But maybe ShoreTel refuses to give out these details...

    We don't have a full hardware contract, and it would be nice to fix the phone if possible. It's stuck on the self diagnostic 3-green lights.

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    I would try to reset the phone to factory defaults. To do this:

    On the phone, press Mute 772667 #
    Password= 1234 #


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      And if that doesn't fix it...

      Follow up the Factory reset with a Clear as shown below. This will sometimes fix a phone with a messed up display that you think is fried.

      Complete Factory Reset of Phone
      1. Press: Mute + rramos [or 772667] #
      At Password prompt, Enter Password 1234#
      Wait until Phone Displays: Factory Test KPD Mode
      2. Press: Mute + clear [or 25327] #
      Phone Displays: Clearing Phone Data
      Wait until Phone Displays: Factory Test KPD Mode
      3. Power cycle phone
      (Unplug Cat5 cable)

      The Mute + Clear [or 25327] #
      Will clear other cache corruption problems...
      No server found (FTP cache IP Address corrupt)
      Wrong Date & Time (NTP cache IP Address corrupt)