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  • Shoreware director -- Error occurs with one user

    We just upgraded from version 7 to 10.2 about two months ago. Yesterday, I tried to go into one user's account and I get an error:
    Message from webpage: An error has occurred: Undefined.
    When i click on OK, it brings me into the user page, but all information is gone, with only "undefined" listed in the Number field.

    Doing a search in the forums i see it may be an error in the DB, but not sure. It is only for one user, every other account that i have checked worked fine.

    Any ideas?!?!

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    dgoldfluss - did you ever get any suggestions or find a solution on your own regarding this issues?

    I'm experiencing the same message, however, it is happening for about a handful of users whom so far seem to all be on the same switch. Rebooting that switch did not change anything.