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  • OSE trasfer out of AAX, back to DMI link voicemail? Any thoughts?

    Hi Guys,

    Haven't posted in a while cause it has been going good until today. Here is the setup. 11.0 buildXXXXXXXX. I am integrating with a Mitel SX-2000 with PRI trunks and devices called DMI links for integration to the Shoretel voicemail for the Mitel users that will stay on that system using SMDI (Yes, I know:death. I have a number of auto attendants that the keystrokes need to go to OSE users, that is easily done using route points and dialing external numbers. If it stopped there I would be in great shape, but it doesn't.

    The problem comes in with users who have a voicemail box on the Shoretel system that also exist as a OSE. In the route point it will allow me to input to OSE digits, but it knows it as a local system extension, so it switches it to a system extension.

    I have also tried using translation tables in the trunk group as well, and I cannot get that to work.

    ANYTHING would be helpful, thank you!

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    Sorry misspelled transfer, maybe that is why it is not working......