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  • Block Extension from Conferencing

    We have a couple of Conferencing extensions on our Shortel System. One Pages the Handsets as part of a paging group and the other is an off system extension that goes to our valcom paging. Yesterday someone had accidentally conferenced in the overhead paging and had a conversation with someone on the phone for a few minutes and didn't realize it.

    What we are wondering is if any one knows of a way to not allow those 2 extensions to be conferenced in by anybody.

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    We've written an application to deal with this. It allows denial of transfers and conferences (both blind and consult) to specific extensions. If desired, it can also prevent someone from calling the paging system and placing it on hold (and thus playing hold music over the paging system).

    If you'd like to discuss, feel free to PM me or call Tim at 330-335-7271.


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      That works, but is there a way to do it in director?


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        There is not, to my knowledge. If there were, we wouldn't have written this software.
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          Fair enough. I sent you a PM. Would love to hear more about this script that you have


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            We had the exact same issue. I contacted Palitto and received an application from them that took care of the issue. They had to tweek it for our environment but we no longer worry about calls being transfered or conferenced into the paging system.