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  • Cisco Nexus 7k - Shoretel Phones

    Have anyone setup a Shoretel phones on Cisco Nexus 7k? I am looking for help configuring DHCP on the Nexus to get the phone an IP and get the Opt.156 setup. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Very late reply, but this came up when I was searching for Nexus 7000 COS and DSCP configuration for shoretel so I though I would answer.

    The Nexus 7K series does not offer a DHCP server feature like the IOS series switches do. The N7K would need to be configured as a DHCP relay agent to forward the requests to another device that holds the DHCP server role. The linked article below covers both Cisco IOS and Windows DHCP configuration as well as how the option 156 should look.

    It looks like the link might get butchered by the link tool, so here is its text
    " %20VOIP%20%28AN10326%29.pdf"
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