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  • 911 Call Possibly Failing

    I received a voicemail today from Shoretel reguarding alert ST10287 all voice switches running 9.1 or later. Calls to certian number including 911 may not complete under certain conditions. Message was partially cut off at the begining. I do not see anything on this any where yet. Anyone else have info on this? I am not sure if this applies to SIP trunks only or all switches.

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    "When enabling the feature to send the MAC address of the IP Phone generating an E911 call over a SIP trunk, this may cause the voice switch to crash. Sending the MAC address is enabled by default and is typically utilized when integrating with 3rd party solutions like 911 Enable."

    If you or your partner will search for "10287" on, you can get the whole tech note, which also details the changes needed to work around the issue.


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      Thank you for the info. The voicemail i received was incomplete so i was unsure if this only applied to SIP trunks. A search on support.shoretel returned zero results and my partner had never heard of the issue. thanks again.